Dropping Drops!!!

When a drop of water traverses from an elevation to the ground, it makes no sound. When drops of water travel, they mark their path, like a bee. One kind gesture of serving the needy, or hatred towards incapability, is not enough to define a man. A man is a composure of all elements of nature. The virtue is born at the time of birth of a new life, ‘integrity’ builds with time – steady, in pace with encounters with people, on grounds of morals – being, giving and seeking.

Acquaintances are not an outcome of co-incidence but of a purpose. Meeting someone in a train, at work, at a public pissoir, can lead to a bond of seeking on the either front. I confronted two personalities at the same place, same time for different reasons that converged to one, one moment of lifetime.

Mr.Spinach, according to the people I have known, is a man of pride. Stern, difficult to deal with, yet fun-loving. With the impulsed knowledge I have about him, I was hesitant to let him join us in cooking and dining. But, one thing I have learnt for life is, that my integrity must be strong enough to sustain all forces from the world and never lose its potentiality irrespective of the responses or the stimuli. So I accepted his tenure in our bond and from two, we became three. After the first meal he cooked, I was glad to have him in our troop.

Time is a politician. It never stays in one court. Having the mind-set structured by the influence of others, I let myself away from the goodness gushing out of Mr.Spinach. As days passed by, the bond between the trio seemed losing its life. I could sense that the lightening has the strength of ego. A super storm named “Ego”emerged and washed away the spirit of being together and walls of favouritism emerged. Among the three of us, now two parties were made, me being the favourite of both. Mr.Spinach opened my cage and gave me one option, option was to fly.

In a very short span of time, I could see the clouds moving and a clear sky of radiance. The air bore the fragrance of efforts Mr.Spinach took to break the ice and live like a happy family. Unfortunately, Mr.Spinach’s deeds were mistaken to be his weakness and need for livelihood. To my belief, a strange wind blew in my ears, dusting off the words I had heard about this man and all I could see, was a soul reaching out to the other, selflessly. Mr.Spinach is considered to be the best chef among all the colleagues who were striving to give life to their taste-buds, in a country where the taste is plagued. In spite of all the haves, Mr.Spinach bowed to the clumsy rampant antagonists. His only desire was to spread togetherness.

In a very subtle silence, I eavesdropped into the behaviour of Mr.Spinach and studied his deeds. Interlinking his response to the bitter statements made at him, the nascent outcome is a learning experience. ‘Up-bringing’ is the integral part of learning in one’s life. Every action is a representative of the mould you have been molded in. Mr.Spinach had no need to bow down to rejuvenate the clumsy knot of  understanding with his irrelevant colleagues yet, he did. And, he did it in a grandeur for the way he has learnt to spread the joy of togetherness. Being together is a team effort. When one does not retaliate it, the other has to. The strength of a team is accepting the partner’s have-nots and fulfilling with the haves of self. It does not end here. When the coalition has to dismantle, it must happen in terms of mutual respect. In the tug of war Mr.Spinach led through, he had forgotten that his respect was at stake. 
A well-known fact is that for two people to be together, both have to give their best and understand each other.The hidden truth is, when the purpose is served and the two must depart, equality and mutual respect must pertain from straining the end of a journey.

Mr.Spinach is an elderly man, double my age. Making and keeping up bonds is a lifetime task. One simple virtue Mr.Spinach’s traits speak of is, “bow down to the crux of a bond, not beyond self-respect.”

P.S.: Mr.Spinach is a name summoned in honor and respect.


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