Altruistic Truth!!!

The swollen lips, the bleeding back, the crackling bones, the retarding muscles, urge me, plead me, to stop this, for I am one another child..Talk to me, believe in me, for I am not the sinner. Look into my eyes, feel the agony, for I am devoid of helping myself. Come, lend me your ears, I shall whisper the dirty truth, the breach of trust, the deceived respect, the unholy human…Teach me to say the unsaid, teach me to say NO, teach me to live, I have lost myself.  Come, lend me your ears, for I am one another child.. Death shall not haunt me, losing you will. I surrender myself to him, else he might kill you, as he threatened.  Come, lend me your ears, for I am one another another child.. ”


In the eery hours of pain, hold yourself not to the smell of his sweat on you, not to the touch of his skin, nor to the anguish of his delight. The pain is not in the blood oozing out from the lips, the ear, or the front or the rear. It is, but, of the penetration into your soul. The darkness around you is not the absence of light, but, of the unlighted inhumanly thirst forsadomasochistic  pleasure. Wash away, not just his touch, smell, sweat and saliva but also the grief, the helplessness and the breach of humanity.


Take a dip in your tears; promise that you shall not give them the powers to authorize someone else on your body for the demands of his. Cry aloud. Shout. Yell as loud as you can. Let the echo coo into the ears of saviors, no decibel less to cause an ache in the hearts and minds of fraternity of mankind.

Fear not to wipe out the forced secretions on your body, fear not to speak, to tell it out, to give him what he deserves, definitely not your body.


Fear not to any worldly force of destruction,

Fear not to love yourself, for he deserves the ocean of guilt,

Fear not to confide in harmony,

Fear not to lose your identity, for I have come.


I am the ear, you want to spurt your words on,

I am the eyes looking at you,

I am the arms to hold you,

I am the soul, your soul mate.


Will cuddle you,

Will kiss you,

Will look upon you,

Will respect you for who you are.


You are the spirit,

You are the apple of my eye,

You are the joy,

You are my world,

You are my smile,

You are my word,

You are the meaning of my life,

You are my child, you are my child!!


I am anonymous to you, riding the wheels of empathy, on a mission, to save you from losing yourself. Love, respect, joy and sorrow, are all in us. We make it or we break it. It is within, to pedal and rise up or to drown in the waters of life. The deeds of the sadist will guillotine him, the sufferer is the redeemer. The wrong shall repent and a new savior shall be born. One who suffers is the one who heals. Be blessed, for you are the chosen one on the path of re-kindling the purpose of one’s life. You have it all in you; I am just a messenger, carrying the message of your soul to your life. Knit your faith on an altruistic me, I shall abide by the rules of the nature and spread joy! You are my child, my child, my child.


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