Left Over

Are you a foodie? Ever spoken to the yummy delicacies before relishing them? Lets take a sneak-peek at the conversation happening at the Grand Table of the Darbar of the riches:

“Can you please stop smelling? My nose is burning because of your smell!”, rubbing his nose Kheer pointed. “Who are you?” it questioned. “I am the sweetest, healthiest and most tempestuous on this table. I am Kheer. ” he announced in pride. “Say you are the fattest, fatty!” winked Makke-di-roti. “Ah! Who is it sticking on with you?”, “Sarson. She is my best-half.” he smiled. “Like my Korma! I am Mr. Mutton Briyani and accompanying me is my wifey – Mrs. Korma!”. They are interrupted by a gang shouting, “Hello!.. Hi!..I am Pasta, Pizza, Dosa, Sambar, Salad, Brownie,…..” and the conversation continues.

All dressed in the colorful garnishing and seated in the lustrous silver utensils. Their introduction  is immediately followed by a rush of hungry guests.

“The people plunging into action seem hungry for ages” exclaimed Phulkas, while Caesar, the Salad bid “Bye! I am the first to go. I am for the health conscious people.” As the evening proceeds, each one keen on leaving the containers for the plates, sooner, Kheer still in high spirits, hearing people say – “Keep little space for Kheer, the King of all eats.”
As the bowls empty, Kheer feels heavy and sinking as the guests uttered – “Wish I had a little space left over in my belly to have Kheer..Wish I could have one bowl, I should have left over some space.. ”

Kheer thought to itself, “When the evening of the feast began, all spoke of me. I seemed everyone’s favorite. They wanted to taste everything else and relish me completely. But, by the time it was my turn, they had eaten so much that there was no space left over for me… no space left over for their King of all eats!”

Even humans feel the same, when we know that they are special to us and we don’t take time and efforts to be with them, thinking that we’ll anyways meet or speak over the phone at convenience. It never happens because there remains no time, energy, excitement, left over.

Are you postponing things and communicating with your special people and making them feel a Left Over?


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