Speak like Water

……..Amendment of laws in the context of their requirement to enforce order in the pretext of time and ethics……….

Section 366 in The Indian Penal Code, 1860 –  Kidnapping, abducting or inducing woman to compel her marriage, etc.
Information Technology Act 2000 – offences relating to the use of or concerned with the abuse of computers or other electronic gadgets.
Homosexual intercourse was a criminal offence under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860.

……..Revival of laws amended in the context of their requirement to enforce order in the pretext of time and ethics……….

Section 366 in The Companies Act, 1956 –  Limit of compensation for loss of office.
I.T. Amendment Act 2008 – any offence or crime in which a computer is used in a time-tested frame is a cyber crime.
Homosexual intercourse  under Section 377, 2009  – legal prohibitions  to be in direct violation of fundamental rights provided by the Indian Constitution.
Above stated are a few laws framed and revised. Revision of constitutional laws depends upon the period of occurrence and the intensity of act performed, along with the impact that the act and the verdict have.
The laws, like democracy are for, by and of the people. People make and people break. The prime concern today is “People”. Rule for masses is “Law”, rule for self is “Principle”.

Principles are a cocktail of rules an individual makes/inculcates, follows, breaks/changes, with respect to time, people, need, circumstance and ability. When a person reacts indifferently to a circumstance in comparison to the way he had earlier, and if this change results in positive impact, we call it “maturity”.

The thought process is based on the principles. In short, principles are the foundation and integrity of a being. A blunder that we humans commonly make is that we believe that like integrity, principles are also static, solid and molded. If the integrity of a person is to spread joy, then any change in any method of dealing with people and circumstance would lead only towards joy, though the way to seek would vary.

Why do we people find it difficult to change our methods of acquiring a simple happy life? Why do we walk on the laid principles and fear from change? Why don’t we do a little wrong to spread more good? If we argue on the good and the bad, the right and the wrong, then the conclusion would be the good of one is the bad of the other. The right of one is wrong for the other. The categorization of correct and incorrect is but a mind-set. So, why not change the mind set for a particular period of time to acquire the good from the bad. Like, every question arrives with an answer, every problem has a solution, every dusk has a dawn, I say, every destiny has two paths. Having traveled on a path yet finding the destiny far, try the other. Initially, it would take a toll, it would take all you have to offer but in this process you learn to acquire greater heights in a different way. Taking a path less traveled is different, not wrong. Doing something undone is experimentation, not false expectation.

If I keep my child away from my wife to make her feel the same my parents feel when she tries to keep me away from them, I am not wrong. If I tell my boss that I am ill and I party around once in a while, I am not wrong. If I speak ill and false about a girl who duped my friend, to get him out of depression, I am not wrong. If I castrate a man for a rape or an attempt to it, I am not wrong. If I fake stomach ache to avoid school for a day, I am not wrong. If I raise my voice against the people absconding my rights, I am not wrong. If I act of being rebellious to change the rebellious, I am not wrong. If I speak tooth for a tooth, eye for an eye, I am not wrong.
 I am right and so is my method.  Fact is, some people demand us to act like them to show them how it feels when they do the same on us. If Gaddafi was not killed, the message of human rights and anti-terrorism would not have been clear. So, the mob who raged against Gaddafi were born murderers? No. They did what he demanded, what the circumstances demanded, what the life demanded. Being calm and accepting the ill treatment is a shame to one’s existence. Fight back. Fight with peace. If peace can not cater peace, end in war, this end shall bring a new beginning. 

There is no law in nature that can remain unchanged. When “Mother Nature” changes herself from time to time, who are we to abscond changes??

Speak a language that water does. Water….it takes the color of everything added in it, it swallows the good and the bad, yet it keeps flowing, through all turns and corners, heights and depths, reaches its destination carrying along only itself..its integrity!

No human is inevitable..change with the change.

#This blog is written with sole intention of telling to my dear one that at times changing your principles for good, is supreme. Do not hesitate to change when the scene demands.


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