With you, I feel greatest joy :-)

Have you told this to anyone lately? Does someone make you feel WOW about you, being you?

Walking in the showers of rain, with tangy orange ice-candy slipping down your tongue, singing songs to yourself, suddenly your phone rings but you can’t answer, and you smile knowing who just called.

You wear your best dress, you play the best music, you succeed in all your jobs, everyone compliments you for being the best way you are, nothing matters, but when someone says, ‘you were good… ‘ and it makes your day.

It’s summer and your skin pops acne one after the other. You experiment with every face pack in the market, in vain. You burst the acne and they leave pores deep as pits,  in return. Huh.. Nothing works. Someone tells you, ‘the pits remind me of ricecake and I enjoy eating them.. ‘ You feel you are the most beautiful.

You are having a bad day at work. You forget your cuppa coffee, leave alone lunch. Your phone beeps, ‘had lunch? ‘

You hangout with your friends, dine with your family, and when you hit the bed, you re-live the moments shared with that one person who makes you smile.

Of all the red and blue events on your calendar, it’s that one meeting that’s green, makes you feel green, green and greener.

You’re in love!

That’s when you feel ‘the greatest joy of belonging to that special someone’

PS: singles, can feel the same looking at the mirror, belonging to that someone special happens when you belong to yourself!


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