Anger: New Scale of Measurement

I am a short tempered person since the time my parents remember I first got angry.

As age tags itself with maturity, intensity and frequency of anger vary.
Of the whole lot, of anger hosting population, many live with it; tormenting fellow creatures around, some attend anger-management courses, seminars, some divert their minds, some become yogic and rarely, a few CONQUER ANGER.

Yelling, keeping mum, self-talk, throwing, thrashing, ย are a few commonly seen expressions of anger.
Hiding, drinking water, counting, listening to music, ย are some methods of procrastinating the outburst of anger.

How about viewing anger through a prism?
Let’s try.

The moment anger sparks, what’s the first thing you do? If it is any of the above mentioned or similar to that, STOP. This is the moment your sense gets ignited. Spread the heat across your brain with one message –breathe slow.
As you slower your breathing, you analyse what’s more important to you and thus, you have a clear picture of what next?
The time taken to realise what’s important, the amount of importance given to the consequence of reactions arising out of anger, are the thoughts that must run in mind before falling prey.

Thus, anger is the measurement of Wisdom.


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