Birthday; Isn’t just another day!


Like an engineer, here I postulate, Why my Birthday is Special?

I breathe! My primary reason to celebrate every day. It is on this day, I first took breath, until now I do.

Celebration! My Mom carried me for months, to celebrate my life. When this day arrived, she said, ‘the world is yours’

Thanksgiving! Trees, cats, dogs, pigs, people. Everyone who inspires, motivates, adores, smiles. Time to thank everyone for whatever way they’ve touched my life.

Demanding! It’s My day and I can be demanding with my family and friends.

Love, love and lots of love! Everyone from friends to foe become sweet and shower lots of love. If you are lucky enough to have a special one, then definitely even a smile / thought makes your day very very special.

Prayers! Kith and kin, in touch with you, away from you, start the day, thinking of you in their prayers. Positivity fills each day ahead with these prayers and wishes. At hard times, these work the best.

Gifts! Chocolates, clothes, phones, cards, many materialistic and immoral gifts galore on you.

Goal-istic it’s a reality-check for having faired well in the goals set a year back and a new day to set goals for the year ahead.

Whatever be the reason, Birthday is very special. A day to cherish and add memories with the ones who touch our lives and with the ones who’s lives we become a part of.

A very happy birthday to me!



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