Justify Chirsty.

Said. Did.
He Said. He Did.

Christy. Christy chose peace.

Life is but a game of choices. The path unfolds as the decisions influence. The remote control is thus, in our hands. Mockingly, when one is set to tread onto the road of one’s choice, it divides, thereby again leaving with choices to make. So, is it one’s choice that leads to a path or is it the path that provides choices?

At every point of doubt, life presents itself in two roads – one that we take and one is left inexperienced. The choice is governed by the need to meet the end goal. The game changes. New choices breed newer goals.
What was Christy’s goal?
This is Christy’s story in a sentence –

A 20 year, very cheerful, football playing, young boy from a well-to-do family of a grandmother whose children live in a foreign country, leaving behind their son to live with the old lady, to look after her during the summer vacations while courting a girl, his age, in the college, only to hang himself on a ceiling fan, toes touching the floor, just to prove himself, she meant the world to him.

Human is of two kinds – Living for Self & living for Others.
The former would end his life only if his ego is hurt while the latter would for two reasons.

A soul that caters to the need of anyone apart from self, seldom catering for his own needs, is in existence for others. Such a soul can depart the body only if it is for the good of anyone else. Martyr’s are the best to quote.

The other reason being, at one particular point of time, when one has lived enough for the happiness of else, thinking of what is left for himself, with the focus on one supreme thing, realizes there is nothing worthy to live for, he chooses peace; the stillness of life.

Christy scuffled when she refrained. His thoughts quaked.

Holding in rain,
In the sunshine,
It is just you,
Like the Lotus divine.

Your dream is mine,
To make it true;
Stand on my feet,
O’ girl!

For Sun, is the sky!
Land has no fish,
It is just you,
To make me feel I’m alive.

Don’t say no.
Lest you, I am zero.
If not you,
I breathe none.

Everything he did, was for her. When she deceived her promises, he still tried. Tried until he broke. He lived for her. He died for himself. That one fateful moment when he answered the void seeking to realize if there is anything left for him, that one journey of transition from living for others to living for self, flashed a black hole. For 20 years he lived for others, the 20 seconds he lived for himself, focused at his supremacy – his girl, he found nothing worth.

For once, he lived for himself.
Christy chose peace.
He said. He did. He took the road less traveled and made all the difference.



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