I Choose To Be Happy :-)

It's by choice
It’s by choice

Very little did I know that being happy is a choice! People whom I came across, believed happiness is attributed to the fortunate.

When I see life in an apple, every piece is the same in everyone’s life, only the size varying. Then why are some happy and some aren’t? I’ve been through death of a beloved child, failed in competitions, bed-ridden for a while, and more.
If I grief for the departed soul, everyday would be a struggle. If I prolong the torment of pain in my body, knowing that it is now a part of me, I shall never smile. There are moments when people sound unpleasant, work seems torturing, slightest ignorance seems to penetrate the heart and mind. That one moment when negative emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy, envy, take birth, hit them on the point blank, say, ‘I choose to be happy’.

This picture posted here, is one among the everyday inspirational posts from my Mom’s friend Roma Aunty, on Facebook. This simple post has evolved me. Reality is when things don’t work as desired, instead of cribbing, fighting or planning, just saying ‘I choose to be happy’ works wonders.

One choice that can make or break things. One choice that can hurl or swirl your relationships. One choice that would heal your illness. One choice that can spread joy or pain. Just one choice. What do you choose?

Thanking Roma Aunty for the wonderful post.

I choose to be happy 🙂



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