Haider – Movie Review!


My first movie review.
Any first is Special. First smile, first word, first date, first love, first kiss.. are very special and ever memorable. Haider takes the place of my first movie review just because of Vishal Bharadwaj and Bashrat Peer, and every member of the entire family of Haider.

Most people across the globe spend their childhood reading the Shakespeare works, Romeo Juliet, Othello, Hamlet… and many many more. I wanted to see this film just because the promotions spoke of Indianising Hamlet.

When the movie ended, I was astonished on the fact that the story a reader understands is the story he interprets while this Indianised version is an urge to spread the message of wisdom in choosing between revenge and peace.

Only a lover of peace can pick Hamlet and put it in the mould of Kashmir to say that the only religion that can survive is humanity, in the form of forgiveness.

Shakespeare’s innate talent was to utter the story in just a few lines of a poem which itself is a part of the story. That, is now re-created in the song Bismil Bismil.

Beautiful locations scintillated by soothing music and the big screen occupied by Tabu metaphors ‘simplicity’ of a mother, the role she plays.
Shahid Kapoor is unusually an eye-catcher in this movie.

Every character proved to be the best fit.

A must watch slow-paced movie.

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