I have broken my spine twice at the age of 25. I must say, pain is my closest relative, loves me so much that he’s going to be with me all my life, in him I see a teacher, preaching the importance of caring for my body. I appreciate your thoughts over it and sharing in view of people’s goodness. I am sharing it.

Mum C writes



That spine

Is not a swine

Treat it fine

And it’ll do you fine


Sitting and bending

Lying, twisting and not exercising

Being in one sitting

Feeling it hurting without caring


Just know one thing

It does no flings

Once it is hurt beyond repairs

Its breakage is your breakage, yes, you have that share

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014

(Today is world spine day, treat your spine with care, it holds your body, be safe)

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