The Celebrity – Me!

Suddenly, I feel the celebrity in me, again. From knowing no one, to re-scheduling parties and meets, a paradigm shift is emerging. My day starts with Yoga, the only soothing conversation that I have with my body. Then starts the race with pointers in the clock.

Everyday a new set of people wait for me to enlighten them on methods to make their work easy. A responsibility I affectionately and effectively address to. On the move, we share gnan (read as Gyan), laughter and mockery, digitally. Most often, it is from one finger to the other, nothing creative about it.

But who are these people whom I share with?

This is where it gets interesting. An arts festival which I am not related to, yet interested in, I attend only to meet the world of artists, backstage. From acquaintances to healthy bonds, we establish. Out of nowhere, half-dozed, impromptu I meet a dear friend after ages, at midnight, for a mug of black coffee (not so good). In search of air, we tread across the hill. And a plan to volunteer for a ‘play’ is coded. While the new bonds are blooming into friendship, the ‘play’ impresses me, leaves me dumb-folded, more interesting free flying souls cross my path. Warm breathe fills the air. Uncertainty gets exciting.

A day filled with unreal plans, witnessing un-imagined expressions of affection, physically mapping the distance between two ends of the same world, awaits a new experience. More people, more new friends, more plans, more deals. My outer world feels so new, my inner fights with the pain in my back prevails. I bury my physical pain in my physique, cherishing and relishing the people and their efforts to impress me. More acquaintances become friends. A rendezvous with a passionate lover missing his partner, happens. He helps me finding a teacher for my new-born passion.


Intoxication is the spark of passion. Intoxicated by the new passion, new people, new acts, I throw myself in-the-moment. More people of common interests I am introduced to. Friends, talks, parties, shopping, play, food, study, practice, exercise, aligning work, home and social life, cater to needs of self, humans and moments. Sometimes a kid, sometimes the grown-up, probing the unseen, sequencing the known.


Indulgence is the key to happiness. In the hustle and bustle of keeping pace with everyone, not disappointing any, behind the face that people see, is a reality, hidden to the world, drowning the self. I’ve heard people missing the soul who lives in their heart and not in their life, also are those whose hearts are empty awaiting for someone to lodge in. Courage and love for the self is all it takes to move the strobe of thoughts from pain to passion. Indulgence is all it takes.

The carnival of packed schedules continues. I am enjoying them, keeping to myself the thoughts that hold me back. Fun is everywhere, we have to wear it on our sleeves, someone taught me, I am practicing it now. The cycle of people, practice, talks, meetings, food, untold and ignored moments await me. As I write this, I am late by an hour for a meet, re-scheduling my plan for the day, instead of going towards West, I’ll be travelling south, the plan to meet my friends postpones and a new destiny of house hunt begins.

24 hours are just not enough

That’s the celebrity in me!!

Bring it on fellas!


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