….when the thoughts meet the end of roads

To all those who have committed suicide and those who would ever think of suicide –

You might never get back what you have lost but there’s more to life, give life a chance, walk the rope for once, there’s something for you, definitely something!

You would wonder what makes me write about suicide, the good, the bad about it.

Well, there’s neither.

I said, “he’s stupid..didn’t he know we are there for him? so what she ditched? there’s more to life…he’s an a**h**e.. God knows what he went through..

No law gives one the right to kill himself but the problem is no law understands that no people let others the right to live with dignity. Why shouldn’t one die if he finds ending his life the best way to prove himself?

Love? Money? Family? Loneliness? Ranking?


Lets put it this way, I am in a beautiful relationship with someone and for some reason my partner doesn’t feel the spunk between us and everything goes haywire. I repetitively try to make my love understand the love I have, but all in vain. What if I run miles together to keep up every promise or quit everything else and bend on my knees or walk on the fire? After trying every means to tell my love that there’s nothing in life other than  the togetherness, I am left with only one option to prove every word I meant, Suicide!

That is not easy. I have to kill all the relationships I am in with family, friends, colleagues, everyone. I have to ensure that the message of my death reaches my love. That ending my life will prove that “nothing meant life than you. You mean the whole world to me. Right from the moment I open my eyes in the morning, till the time I go to bed, I think about you, I see you in my dreams, I work; sing; play; only to become better to suit you. You complete my world. I just can’t live without you. I love you… I love you more than myself”

And now that you don’t feel my love for you, my absence will.

Money –

It’s a crap trap. You can come out of any debt or surrender yourself to the will of law. Suicide is not the option.

Family – 

Family can be against you for several things but not to the point of taking your life. And if they are behind your life, just walk away, walk out. Family, not always is the blood, you can make one at any point in life.

Or is it the loss of someone in family? Look beyond, there’s life.

Loneliness –

Tired of being good to everyone, yet no company to walk with. No hand to hold mine. The world doesn’t care a damn about me, why should I? This lonely life will remain lonely until I live. Let everyone whom I adored know that I adore you but you have no place for me in your life. Goodbye!!!

I have seen my buddy go through this, he proved his point but didn’t let any of us prove that in being away is also untold care.

Ranking –

Horrifying! Students are made to believe life depends on the petty marks they score. If not the marks, it is the mockery by the peer that forces the children to succumb to flamboyant flare of life.

Shocking is the fact that people from various walks of life, of all ages, consider ending oneself is the only solution to forgo disappointment, mockery and loss of reputation.

I want every child, every adult to understand that anything you consider failure is not a failure until you give upon yourself. Ill-health, bad grades, loss of reputation, inability, everything, everything are a part of life, going through these should only make you better. All you have to do is, walk to the other end, there’s life.

To all those who have an opinion on Suicide, 

I neither appreciate it nor condemn it. The pain the person goes through, that blocks the possibility of betterment is more painful than the death itself. It becomes easy to bear the few minutes or seconds of pain while losing life than accepting the pain for life or to look for alternatives to lead a better life. Don’t pity nor swear, just understand.

Many times it is not in advising or being opinionated that soothes, you just have to be at the receiving end of one’s grief. Your mere presence can affiliate one from pain. Just understand. Be that ear, that heart, that one person needs. Your friend might call you at an unwelcoming hour, just listen instead of shooing him away, taking his call for a routine.

To the family & friends of those who have parted –

Enough of blaming yourself, just let go! For the good you could not do, you can by being good to the ones you have in your life and around you!

Just breathe!!!



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