Unexpected Joy – Traveller


Walking on the edge of mountain, having slipped and saved, one thought running on my mind, ‘Had it not been them, I would have never experienced this’. One day before the Great Himalayan Trek to the Valley of Flowers, I was convinced that my sports shoes were not enough to climb the mighty mountain, hence, I had to buy the Trekking Shoe, which now, after a year, I am wearing to Matheran. Though it had helped then, now in the rains of Maharashtra, on the lush green algae alive on every random stone, I am struggling to balance my body. My very own body which I have been carrying since time immemorial.

Funny it is! I was in a hurry to reach the base camp with the group, leaving behind ‘the guys who missed their train’ but destiny has it’s own way, she made me wait for the group of 9 boys and travel with them to the base camp. Many a times, we live in notions believing them to be the Supreme reality and such was my expectation after discussing with the organizer, shattered that there’s no trek in the 2 day trekking meet. Little did I know then, that I am here not just to accompany my friend Sowmya, but to meet and build.


They were 10 together, we two and the 16 others apart from the trek lead were in their own company. This whole event being in India and participants being enthusiasts from the neighboring state, I was assured of my belief that I will have to be talking to myself all the time and react to bits of Telugu I understand. It’s a very common and normal human tendency to make Groups and be happy within the comfort zone but these 10 people, despite being happy in their funny ways, equally accommodated the two of us like we were chuudy-buddiesthat’s when it proved that

adding people in your life does not reduce the love for existing ones but grows in all directions

It wouldn’t matter to anyone if I cannot climb up and down the tricky path, except for me. In fact, I would complete the trek only to go home and not for any sportsmanship left in me, but the whole mind is now washed by the care and affection these “Bros” are sowing in me. “Beautiful” is the most underrated word while the apt word to describe mist covered mountains, clouds walking with us, the darkness seeping into our path, rain pouring on us like never before and all this beauty would have been just stories if these Bros had not been holding my hand, risking themselves. In our everyday life, we think only about ourselves but the kindest deed of these Bros motivated me to live every moment gracefully. Whenever I was slow, all 12 of us were slow, whenever I fear of the path, all 12 of us pause only for the remaining 11 to bring confidence in me to move ahead.

That’s the reality we deny –

live in the moment with the people around you, for they are the ones with whom you cherish

Ultimately, they got 2 friends and we got 10 brothers for life with whom we laugh together, eat together, sleep together, travel together because sharing is caring and when the youngest of all is high, he says ‘I’m speaking the truth’

Sowmya, Viji Bro, Bhanu Bro, Manoj Bro, Dinakar Bro, Ramchandran Bro, Harsha Bro, Santosh Bro, Chinnu Bro, Lee Bro, Kittu Bro 🙂

The joy of giving selflessly is the greatest joy of all joys, and this trek will be one of the most memorable treks for the unexpected joy!


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