Organ Donation – Life & Reality

I had no idea what am I up for this morning until I met this God disguised as human. I cannot run, so I decided I will not stop and do something else, then thought of Walkathon and today I did it, happy and proud that it started with a good cause – Spreading Awareness on Organ Donation but what fills my heart with respect is the lifetime decision by Mr. Manpreet Singh Sahani and his family.


Mr. Manpreetsingh Sahani and me!

On November 4th, Manpreet ji’s brother Mr. Jasbir Singh Sahani was hospitalized at Fortis Hospital, Mulund, having a brain hemorrhage. The family was devastated with the least hope the doctors could give of his survival. On 8th November, when the doctors called Manpreet Sir to inform him that his brother shall be alive for a couple of hours, he asked the doctors a question –

Can I donate my brother’s organs?

The doctors were taken aback for the man who’s brother is breathing his last, this man here is talking about saving others’ lives. He went home to ask his Bhabhi  (wife of Mr. Jasbir Singh Sahani) and their children if they agree to donate, astoundingly, they were happy that Mr. Jasbirsingh would live a long life in others’ body. Hence, as a procedure the counselling doctors do was not needed in this case.

On 9th November at 3:30 p.m., APNEA / similar test that determines the “brain death in 7 different ways, was performed. Since as expected there was no response from Mr. Jasbirsingh, the test was repeated at 9:30 p.m. in the presence of ZTCC – Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre and later the consent from the Sahani family was signed.

A man from Badlapur had been waiting for Liver transplant for about a month,  fortunately, was at Fortis at the same time and the liver was transplanted to him. As per the norms of ZTCC, the hospital treating the patient for Organ Donation is allowed to have only one organ for transplant and the remaining organs are donated to different hospitals depending upon the need as per the list with ZTCC and the match with the recipient.

Until the organs are not removed, the donor is kept on ventilator so that the heart functions though the brain is dead because many organs can be donated only if the heart is alive. Once the heart stops, many organs die. Of the very organs that are donate-able, the cornea can be donated until 7 days after actual death, Manpreet uncle said.

A little later Manpreet uncle was told that the Cornea were donated to another needy at another hospital.

Today, while walking together with this great man, who has become the God of 2 families by donating his brother’s organs, I feel very proud and am filled with immense respect for Sahani family for the wise decision taken at the emotionally broken moment of losing their family member, they have saved lives, given lives and happiness to the unknown and countless.

Mr. Manpreetsingh Sahani says, ” though my brother is not alive as a person, he is alive in different people and families, he is not dead for us”

Donate organs, save lives, spread happiness. Your one decision can bless people a very long life to cherish their dreams. Gift life, after life! Jeevan daan karo, organs donate karo!

Brain Death – Complete brain stops working but heart and other organs can be kept alive by keeping the patient on ventilator because of which the heart is functional

Actual Death – Heart stops pumping

I am a proud Organ Donor –

Donate organs, save lives, spread happiness. Your one decision can bless people a very long life to cherish their dreams. Gift life, after life! Jeevan daan karo, organs donate karo!


Read about the transplant on –


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