My Mom Superstar

Award / Prize is a motivation to outshine the talent, enrich the skill and set goals to achieve more. The first award I received, I remember, is during my first grade sharing the stage with my Mother and I wondered, “I practised, I performed and Mom’s getting award?!?“, a few years later I understood the meaning of “Most Interesting and Participating Parent award “. That’s just the beginning.

Being a home maker, my Mom made us the most delicious Sindhi, North Indian, South Indian, Italian, Chinese, Mexican food everyday and special were the weekends and birthdays for the heart filling desserts( soufflés and ice creams), that you could find nowhere in Salem. Apart from food, Mom would ensure we (my brother and I) get the right amount sleep, good manners, charity, cleanliness, love, loyalty, concentration in studies, good friends, keeping away from bad company, fulfilling the needs of us, my father, my paternal and maternal family. One thing Mom always taught us, “believe in yourself even if the world is against you, do anything that makes you happy, without hurting anyone, even if it means to compromise, sacrifice or adjust”

Being a home maker requires you to selflessly care for the needs of two generations older and two new generations to come. During celebrations and rituals, people would call Mom to seek advise and participate in trousseau making, wedding planning, Christmas surprises, reading Guru Granth Sahib, preparing Rotta for Mahalakshmi ja Sagra, Aadi Pandigai in Tamil neighbours homes, making Saai Bhaji for Sagro and a lot more. Brides-to-be would learn cooking from Mom.

Catering to the family is the supreme religion believes Mom. Being known as “our Mother” made Mom proud while we were in school and college but since the day Mom started participating in cooking, quiz, and other intellectual competitions, we kids have been looking at the dais, Mom getting awards. Generally, parents stand below the stage while their kids get awards, it’s reverse in our funny family, my niece and my Mom compete in “who gets most awards“.

Best Friends at the Best Food Stall
Garden Desert and Oasis all made of food (eatables)
The Winners as always

From Thakkali Thokku to Daal Pakwan to Samosa to Avial to Pepper Chicken to Kuzhi Paniyaram to tripple Colour Tikki to Khoyo to Elizabeth Shake to Kulfi to Schezwan Gold Fingers to Mutton Keema to Garlic Fish to Spinach Augratin to Kaju Katli to Kara Kozhumbu, everything we’ve eaten has been home made, Mom made. Every new recipe gives Mom a winning satisfaction, because Mom and all Her friends would share recipes and add their creativity to it.

Yummy Barbie!
Russian Salad
Frosting Fresh

We always have visitors home, since time immemorial until today, not only to meet us but also to relish the delicacies Mom makes. I won all fancy dress competitions because of Mom’s fancy ideas every year, my friend Divya Vignesh’s first winning dance competition, he thanked Mom for her ideas, my brother’s friends would come home to discuss their adolescent age, my relatives would come for career advice. Mom’s friends have been the greatest support in bringing Mom’s hidden talents to the audience. Every Aunty I remember, has supported Mom either as a friend, sister, mother or a healthy competitor. Mom is a winner in anything She participates.

Even today I have been waiting in the audience to see Mom on stage receiving awards in our society Republic Day competitions.

Judge Sahiba
Honoring the Winners
First Prize in Quiz

Award is a recognition of talent, appreciation of skill and joy of being your best, and these motivations encourage Mom to be more creative, unique and happy, that’s why most people call Her, “Hasmukh Didi” (ever smiling elder sister), as the enthusiasm hides Her age.

The Best All Rounder award should go to Mom for being who She is in all Her roles, apart from being a tough business woman, She’s a very very social human and a generous giver. Like my friend Neha says, it’s Her positive energy, the aura, so contagious that you meet once and you will respect Her forever.

But We Win!! How many ever awards Mom gets, yet we all win to get Mom as our Mom and Granny!! People know Her as Mala and Lata but we know Mom as our bestie (best friend) and so all Her awards are ours too 😉

Jiyo Hazaro Saal

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