When was the last time you Stood Up?

Life may seem upside down when you start listening to yourself and voicing it, remember these voices that arise when you stand for yourself, are the seeds of joy for a better tomorrow. Choices you make today, make the reality you live everyday! Continue reading When was the last time you Stood Up?



India and Iran have a lot of history and lots in common like the words – “bazaar, nazar, mushkil, noor, ishq, roz, mehman, ..” and most of all “Athithi Devo Bhava”, we both practice. I keep saying to my Iranian friends and everyone “however far we are, we share the same roots, somewhere deep down we are connected”

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Himalayas Calling:Trek to Goecha La

Before I close my eyes, I realized – In the darkness of the night, clouds shielding the moonlight, very far are my friends on the their plight, alone as a human yet together as nature – here I am surrendered to the nature’s delight. Now, this beautiful morning with ice everywhere out of nowhere, blessed I am to romance with nature, the winds so pure and fast pushing everything on its way but the ground so accepting that it held me to itself like a mother holding the child. the stream gushing from the mountains to the millions of people dependent on it, the sun burning himself to provide me energy to survive, the shrubs telling me “You are not alone, with us you can grow anywhere” the tall mountains – standing upright – “I was here waiting for you, I am here protecting you, I will be here to tell you – it’s not over, strive a little, there’s more the other side, just for you!” And I, I just kept looking at them being a part of them yet I take so much from everyone, everything and they all selflessly doing their job. Oh, selfless nature, I am a part of you, make me selfless as you, you give me everything, to you what can I offer? I feel so small that there’s nothing I give yet you give me yourself completely! Without you, I exist not! Continue reading Himalayas Calling:Trek to Goecha La

Nobody’s Beautiful Than YOU

Goin’ to a party To cherish my time, In the land of unknowns I move my spine, Everyone’s happy In the spirit so high, I see here, I see there, So many Stealing my stare, Lookin’ at so many My heart sings for you – ‘Nobody’s Beautiful than YOU’ Oh yeah…Nobody..No..No..Nobody’s Beautiful than YOU! It’s yo body, It’s yo style, It’s yo heart That’s just mine. You’re with me Or when you’re away, My heart sings for you – ‘Oh Babie, Nobody’s Beautiful than YOU’ In my dreams, And on my bed, In my sweet-nothings And my sweat, In my … Continue reading Nobody’s Beautiful Than YOU