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कर्म – Karma

Karma, Karm, Karam – you get what you give & think

There are many versions of Karma, many people use big words, deeper meanings, extreme references, for me it is very simple – any good intention and good deed gets you all good, any bad / wrong intention gets you the bad.

If equation of Karm is so simple, why there’s suffering, pain, inequality, despair? My friend, would you eat only sweets or spices and no other flavor? No, I am not talking about life, destiny, etc., etc. Right now we’re focusing only on Karam. In fact, there’s a twist in the very statement – any good intention and good deed gets you all good, any bad / wrong intention gets you the bad,  the twist is –

If you do good only because you want good, you’ll never get what you want because it is said – 

Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana

meaning do your Karam with no expectation of anything in return! Everything becomes so simple if we don’t expect anything in return, isn’t it? If you’re a parent who gave every happiness to your child and now that you’re old you expect your child to take care of you and unhappy that they don’t, then your Karma is incomplete as you’re expecting as a give and take policy from your child. If you’re a friend / colleague who helps his / her friend in distress just because you think that they will help you in return, your account of good karma is still empty. If you’re a spouse / lover who does the best for your partner and get upset with them just because they don’t do the same with you, your good karma doesn’t count.

On the other hand, if you’re suffering or in bad shape, then it’s not because you’ve not done any good, it is just because something somewhere you had done wrong to others, intentionally or unintentionally. If you cheat, hurt, steal from others, it’s your bad karma. Yes, the biggest crime in the world is to steal – stealing the right of being loved, the right of having food (when you waste food), the right to sleep, the right to breathe good air, the right to stay healthy, the joy of being oneself – when you mock or tease them. There’s lot more to good and bad deeds and intentions that can be classified as good and bad karma.

The way you treat your body is your Karma towards you – yes, if you eat right, exercise, breathe well: your good karma towards your body will result in staying fit, if you disrespect your body, you know it well – pains, dislocations, malfunctions come together.

A reference to Mahabharata – when Bhishma was lying on the bed of arrows  that pierced through his body, he questioned Krishna, ” I, never hurt anyone all my life, why am I put through this suffering”, for which Krishna replied “you had poked a centipede numerous times as it seemed fun to you, when you were at the age of differentiating between the good and bad, yet you did so, hence, you’re lying on the bed of arrows pierced through you to feel the same pain you gave to the centipede”.

Thus, you don’t need to do anything out of fear of Karma. Just be good to others, to yourself and everything around.

Why am I writing this today?

Because it is today that I realized, though you cannot make others be good to you, but you can definitely stop others being wrong or bad to you, this way you’re preventing them from doing bad karma towards you. If you can’t be a reason of someone’s good, at least don’t be a part of other’s bad. Be good, do good, good be with you!

Pic Courtesy – Google images – because Karma is a cycle, I took it from google, someday i’ll return it back 😉