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Nobody’s Beautiful Than YOU

Goin’ to a party
To cherish my time,
In the land of unknowns
I move my spine,
Everyone’s happy
In the spirit so high,
I see here, I see there,
So many
Stealing my stare,
Lookin’ at so many
My heart sings for you – ‘Nobody’s Beautiful than YOU’
Oh yeah…Nobody..No..No..Nobody’s Beautiful than YOU!

It’s yo body,
It’s yo style,
It’s yo heart
That’s just mine.
You’re with me
Or when you’re away,
My heart sings for you – ‘Oh Babie, Nobody’s Beautiful than YOU’

In my dreams,
And on my bed,
In my sweet-nothings
And my sweat,
In my thoughts
And my dare,
Nooooooooobody is Beautiful than YOU
Oh my love –
Nooooooooobody is Beautiful than YOUUUUUU!