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Unexpected Joy – Traveller


Walking on the edge of mountain, having slipped and saved, one thought running on my mind, ‘Had it not been them, I would have never experienced this’. One day before the Great Himalayan Trek to the Valley of Flowers, I was convinced that my sports shoes were not enough to climb the mighty mountain, hence, I had to buy the Trekking Shoe, which now, after a year, I am wearing to Matheran. Though it had helped then, now in the rains of Maharashtra, on the lush green algae alive on every random stone, I am struggling to balance my body. My very own body which I have been carrying since time immemorial.

Funny it is! I was in a hurry to reach the base camp with the group, leaving behind ‘the guys who missed their train’ but destiny has it’s own way, she made me wait for the group of 9 boys and travel with them to the base camp. Many a times, we live in notions believing them to be the Supreme reality and such was my expectation after discussing with the organizer, shattered that there’s no trek in the 2 day trekking meet. Little did I know then, that I am here not just to accompany my friend Sowmya, but to meet and build.


They were 10 together, we two and the 16 others apart from the trek lead were in their own company. This whole event being in India and participants being enthusiasts from the neighboring state, I was assured of my belief that I will have to be talking to myself all the time and react to bits of Telugu I understand. It’s a very common and normal human tendency to make Groups and be happy within the comfort zone but these 10 people, despite being happy in their funny ways, equally accommodated the two of us like we were chuudy-buddiesthat’s when it proved that

adding people in your life does not reduce the love for existing ones but grows in all directions

It wouldn’t matter to anyone if I cannot climb up and down the tricky path, except for me. In fact, I would complete the trek only to go home and not for any sportsmanship left in me, but the whole mind is now washed by the care and affection these “Bros” are sowing in me. “Beautiful” is the most underrated word while the apt word to describe mist covered mountains, clouds walking with us, the darkness seeping into our path, rain pouring on us like never before and all this beauty would have been just stories if these Bros had not been holding my hand, risking themselves. In our everyday life, we think only about ourselves but the kindest deed of these Bros motivated me to live every moment gracefully. Whenever I was slow, all 12 of us were slow, whenever I fear of the path, all 12 of us pause only for the remaining 11 to bring confidence in me to move ahead.

That’s the reality we deny –

live in the moment with the people around you, for they are the ones with whom you cherish

Ultimately, they got 2 friends and we got 10 brothers for life with whom we laugh together, eat together, sleep together, travel together because sharing is caring and when the youngest of all is high, he says ‘I’m speaking the truth’

Sowmya, Viji Bro, Bhanu Bro, Manoj Bro, Dinakar Bro, Ramchandran Bro, Harsha Bro, Santosh Bro, Chinnu Bro, Lee Bro, Kittu Bro 🙂

The joy of giving selflessly is the greatest joy of all joys, and this trek will be one of the most memorable treks for the unexpected joy!

The Celebrity – Me!

Suddenly, I feel the celebrity in me, again. From knowing no one, to re-scheduling parties and meets, a paradigm shift is emerging. My day starts with Yoga, the only soothing conversation that I have with my body. Then starts the race with pointers in the clock.

Everyday a new set of people wait for me to enlighten them on methods to make their work easy. A responsibility I affectionately and effectively address to. On the move, we share gnan (read as Gyan), laughter and mockery, digitally. Most often, it is from one finger to the other, nothing creative about it.

But who are these people whom I share with?

This is where it gets interesting. An arts festival which I am not related to, yet interested in, I attend only to meet the world of artists, backstage. From acquaintances to healthy bonds, we establish. Out of nowhere, half-dozed, impromptu I meet a dear friend after ages, at midnight, for a mug of black coffee (not so good). In search of air, we tread across the hill. And a plan to volunteer for a ‘play’ is coded. While the new bonds are blooming into friendship, the ‘play’ impresses me, leaves me dumb-folded, more interesting free flying souls cross my path. Warm breathe fills the air. Uncertainty gets exciting.

A day filled with unreal plans, witnessing un-imagined expressions of affection, physically mapping the distance between two ends of the same world, awaits a new experience. More people, more new friends, more plans, more deals. My outer world feels so new, my inner fights with the pain in my back prevails. I bury my physical pain in my physique, cherishing and relishing the people and their efforts to impress me. More acquaintances become friends. A rendezvous with a passionate lover missing his partner, happens. He helps me finding a teacher for my new-born passion.


Intoxication is the spark of passion. Intoxicated by the new passion, new people, new acts, I throw myself in-the-moment. More people of common interests I am introduced to. Friends, talks, parties, shopping, play, food, study, practice, exercise, aligning work, home and social life, cater to needs of self, humans and moments. Sometimes a kid, sometimes the grown-up, probing the unseen, sequencing the known.


Indulgence is the key to happiness. In the hustle and bustle of keeping pace with everyone, not disappointing any, behind the face that people see, is a reality, hidden to the world, drowning the self. I’ve heard people missing the soul who lives in their heart and not in their life, also are those whose hearts are empty awaiting for someone to lodge in. Courage and love for the self is all it takes to move the strobe of thoughts from pain to passion. Indulgence is all it takes.

The carnival of packed schedules continues. I am enjoying them, keeping to myself the thoughts that hold me back. Fun is everywhere, we have to wear it on our sleeves, someone taught me, I am practicing it now. The cycle of people, practice, talks, meetings, food, untold and ignored moments await me. As I write this, I am late by an hour for a meet, re-scheduling my plan for the day, instead of going towards West, I’ll be travelling south, the plan to meet my friends postpones and a new destiny of house hunt begins.

24 hours are just not enough

That’s the celebrity in me!!

Bring it on fellas!

Neva’ gonna give up!

Neva’.. Neva’.. Neva’..
Am neva’ gonna give up!

Stout is my stature,
Tender nature,
Immersed wholly
In the rhythm divine,
Don’t folly
Build of mine.
Neva’ Neva’ am neva’ gonna give up!

Desires on flame,
You’re to blame.
Your thoughts bury my sleep,
Topsy-turvy and deep.

Sucking me in your smell,
Unlikely in heaven, earth and hell.
Care is such an addiction
You’re mine is not just another diction.

This one is not you,
The rest of the world,
Too sugary, intensely caring,
Beautiful like a flower,
Wish they were for real.

Life is you,
Fun are they,
Promising hand-in-hand,
Both scoot like the sand.
Left and right,
Out of my sight.

I am not alone,
I am with me.
I am living my dream,
Changing it from together
To all by myself.

Everyone now look at me,
Not clumsy
As you may see,
I am living
Not on my knee.
You might not look at it,
No feel, no pain,
You are numb to the change,
The change in me.

Praying before you to meet,
Pleading to build a shelter, together,
Neva’ am neva’ gonna ask you,
I am living
Not on my knee.
No feel, no pain,
You are numb to the change,
The change in me.

I am living,
Not on my knee.
Neva’ am neva’ gonna give up,
I am living my dream
All alone,
Neva’ am neva’ gonna give up!

This piece isn’t just poetry, it’s a hip-hop rap, spurting the thoughts of a man who finds everyone to be available only within their comfort zone and this leads him to change his mind towards them, growing independently stronger.

Why I’m not dumping an ice bucket on my head for ALS #icebucketalternative

I am extremely glad for enlightening on ALS. I am posting this to tell people that Yoga and meditation are also a way to help, not just by donating money.

Debbie Philp

Stephen Hawking has ALS, and is an unusual case because he has lived much longer than expected. Stephen Hawking has ALS, and is an unusual case because he has lived much longer than expected.

Last weekend a friend nominated me on Facebook for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It was bad timing, because I had an important commitment on Sunday. It’s also been really cold in Upstate New York, and the thought of taking off my sweater to dump ice water on my head doesn’t make me feel charitable.

In addition, I’m bothered by the way that the ALS Association turned a fun dare among pro athletes and celebrities into a guilt-trip fundraiser for more research by Big-Pharma, which continues to ignore possibility of environmental or food-based causes for diseases and fails to address alternative treatments. I cannot bring myself to donate the little extra money I have to a charity that does not align with my values.

That being said, I saw the effects of Amyotrophic lateral…

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On James Foley (and Freelancers as Humans)

Very well explained.

Photo Credit: Nicole Tung Photo Credit: Nicole Tung

When I was in journalism school, I read and heard from a lot of  journalists with a hunger to chase the biggest, most important, and most dangerous stories around the world. They chose the reporter path to get them overseas and into war zones, natural disasters and extreme events with their camera and notebook as quickly and as often as possible. Few of them seemed to do it for fame; they enjoyed the chase, the adrenaline rush, the feeling that their work was really doing something, really having an impact, telling stories no one else could tell.

That was never what drew me to the field. In fact, I would say I’m on the other end of the same field, playing a different game. I’m more of a “stick close to home, make some calls, meet people in coffee shops, ruminate on words for long thoughtful…

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Anger: New Scale of Measurement

I am a short tempered person since the time my parents remember I first got angry.

As age tags itself with maturity, intensity and frequency of anger vary.
Of the whole lot, of anger hosting population, many live with it; tormenting fellow creatures around, some attend anger-management courses, seminars, some divert their minds, some become yogic and rarely, a few CONQUER ANGER.

Yelling, keeping mum, self-talk, throwing, thrashing,  are a few commonly seen expressions of anger.
Hiding, drinking water, counting, listening to music,  are some methods of procrastinating the outburst of anger.

How about viewing anger through a prism?
Let’s try.

The moment anger sparks, what’s the first thing you do? If it is any of the above mentioned or similar to that, STOP. This is the moment your sense gets ignited. Spread the heat across your brain with one message –breathe slow.
As you slower your breathing, you analyse what’s more important to you and thus, you have a clear picture of what next?
The time taken to realise what’s important, the amount of importance given to the consequence of reactions arising out of anger, are the thoughts that must run in mind before falling prey.

Thus, anger is the measurement of Wisdom.


With you, I feel greatest joy :-)

Have you told this to anyone lately? Does someone make you feel WOW about you, being you?

Walking in the showers of rain, with tangy orange ice-candy slipping down your tongue, singing songs to yourself, suddenly your phone rings but you can’t answer, and you smile knowing who just called.

You wear your best dress, you play the best music, you succeed in all your jobs, everyone compliments you for being the best way you are, nothing matters, but when someone says, ‘you were good… ‘ and it makes your day.

It’s summer and your skin pops acne one after the other. You experiment with every face pack in the market, in vain. You burst the acne and they leave pores deep as pits,  in return. Huh.. Nothing works. Someone tells you, ‘the pits remind me of ricecake and I enjoy eating them.. ‘ You feel you are the most beautiful.

You are having a bad day at work. You forget your cuppa coffee, leave alone lunch. Your phone beeps, ‘had lunch? ‘

You hangout with your friends, dine with your family, and when you hit the bed, you re-live the moments shared with that one person who makes you smile.

Of all the red and blue events on your calendar, it’s that one meeting that’s green, makes you feel green, green and greener.

You’re in love!

That’s when you feel ‘the greatest joy of belonging to that special someone’

PS: singles, can feel the same looking at the mirror, belonging to that someone special happens when you belong to yourself!