Unexpected Joy – Traveller

adding people in your life does not reduce the love for existing ones but grows in all directions Continue reading Unexpected Joy – Traveller


The Celebrity – Me!

Suddenly, I feel the celebrity in me, again. From knowing no one, to re-scheduling parties and meets, a paradigm shift is emerging. My day starts with Yoga, the only soothing conversation that I have with my body. Then starts the race with pointers in the clock. Everyday a new set of people wait for me to enlighten them on methods to make their work easy. A responsibility I affectionately and effectively address to. On the move, we share gnan (read as Gyan), laughter and mockery, digitally. Most often, it is from one finger to the other, nothing creative about it. … Continue reading The Celebrity – Me!

Neva’ gonna give up!

Neva’.. Neva’.. Neva’.. Am neva’ gonna give up! Stout is my stature, Tender nature, Immersed wholly In the rhythm divine, Don’t folly Build of mine. Neva’ Neva’ am neva’ gonna give up! Desires on flame, You’re to blame. Your thoughts bury my sleep, Topsy-turvy and deep. Sucking me in your smell, Unlikely in heaven, earth and hell. Care is such an addiction You’re mine is not just another diction. This one is not you, The rest of the world, Too sugary, intensely caring, Beautiful like a flower, Wish they were for real. Life is you, Fun are they, Promising hand-in-hand, … Continue reading Neva’ gonna give up!

Why I’m not dumping an ice bucket on my head for ALS #icebucketalternative

Originally posted on Debbie Philp:
Stephen Hawking has ALS, and is an unusual case because he has lived much longer than expected. Last weekend a friend nominated me on Facebook for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It was bad timing, because I had an important commitment on Sunday. It’s also been really cold in Upstate New York, and the thought of taking off my sweater to dump ice water on my head doesn’t make me feel charitable. In addition, I’m bothered by the way that the ALS Association turned a fun dare among pro athletes and celebrities into a guilt-trip… Continue reading Why I’m not dumping an ice bucket on my head for ALS #icebucketalternative

On James Foley (and Freelancers as Humans)

Photo Credit: Nicole Tunghttp://www.nicoletung.com/ When I was in journalism school, I read and heard from a lot of  journalists with a hunger to chase the biggest, most important, and most dangerous stories around the world. They chose the reporter path to get them overseas and into war zones, natural disasters and extreme events with their camera and notebook as quickly and as often as possible. Few of them seemed to do it for fame; they enjoyed the chase, the adrenaline rush, the feeling that their work was really doing something, really having an impact, telling stories no one else could tell.… Continue reading On James Foley (and Freelancers as Humans)

Anger: New Scale of Measurement

I am a short tempered person since the time my parents remember I first got angry. As age tags itself with maturity, intensity and frequency of anger vary. Of the whole lot, of anger hosting population, many live with it; tormenting fellow creatures around, some attend anger-management courses, seminars, some divert their minds, some become yogic and rarely, a few CONQUER ANGER. Yelling, keeping mum, self-talk, throwing, thrashing,  are a few commonly seen expressions of anger. Hiding, drinking water, counting, listening to music,  are some methods of procrastinating the outburst of anger. How about viewing anger through a prism? Let’s … Continue reading Anger: New Scale of Measurement

With you, I feel greatest joy :-)

Have you told this to anyone lately? Does someone make you feel WOW about you, being you? Walking in the showers of rain, with tangy orange ice-candy slipping down your tongue, singing songs to yourself, suddenly your phone rings but you can’t answer, and you smile knowing who just called. You wear your best dress, you play the best music, you succeed in all your jobs, everyone compliments you for being the best way you are, nothing matters, but when someone says, ‘you were good… ‘ and it makes your day. It’s summer and your skin pops acne one after … Continue reading With you, I feel greatest joy 🙂

Who is it on your bed?

It is believed in most parts of India that a baby in the womb of a pregnant woman, learns from the practices of the carrying mother, her interaction with self and the outside world. And this learning forms a part of one’s behavior and thought-process. Assuming the Indian belief is true, there are numerous questions racing in my mind, when I see a carrying woman, who seemed needy of a comfortable seat in the crowded bus, off on a bumpy ride, leaning on the pole near the seat reserved for ladies and none of the women, indulged in make-up and … Continue reading Who is it on your bed?

Left Over

Are you a foodie? Ever spoken to the yummy delicacies before relishing them? Lets take a sneak-peek at the conversation happening at the Grand Table of the Darbar of the riches: “Can you please stop smelling? My nose is burning because of your smell!”, rubbing his nose Kheer pointed. “Who are you?” it questioned. “I am the sweetest, healthiest and most tempestuous on this table. I am Kheer. ” he announced in pride. “Say you are the fattest, fatty!” winked Makke-di-roti. “Ah! Who is it sticking on with you?”, “Sarson. She is my best-half.” he smiled. “Like my Korma! I … Continue reading Left Over

Where is your Erection?

A denim blue jeans, white polo tee, a pair of brown shoes, make my attire on this sunny Friday morning when I see my colleague dressed in a similar fashion except for that her’s is jeans merely reaching her thigh (known as ‘bum cut’ I suppose). Adding on to her clothes, she being ‘she‘, looks Gorgeous! Ah.. is that a derisive comment? No.. she blushes when I greet her, “Hey Gorgeous!” Well that’s how we talk to each other, friendly. But to what extent does a word, a gesture or a touch can be friendly or complimenting? The impact that a word, … Continue reading Where is your Erection?