Hallo Freunde 🙂 Ich freu mich dass ich bin schriebe in Deutsch für mir und dich. Heute ich bin glücklich. Ich: Wie geht es Ihnen? Sie sehen nicht in der Garten letzte Woche. Du: Sie? Rufe mir “du“, Sie nicht! Ich: Aber du bist zwei jahre alt dann mir. Du: Kein Problem. Du bist mein Freund. Du kannst rufe ‘Sie‘ diene Eltern, ‘Ihr‘ für diene Freunde welsche hier nicht, ‘er‘ für Mann, ‘sie‘ für Frau und ‘es‘ für sache. Ich: Das ist schön. Kanst du sagst mir wie kann ich lerne Deutsch? Ich vergesse die Worte. Du: Ach so! Weißt du die Artikele und Prepositionen? Ich: Nein … Continue reading German-Lernen-2


Hallo, Ich heiße Naveen Hinduja. Ich liebe Deutsch lernen. Dies ist meine Einer blog. Mein Lehrerin Frau Khurrana und Frau Sheikh sind sehr gut. A: Wer schribst dies blog und wie? I: Ich schribe der blog für du, dier lernen. A: Du schribst Poem? I: Ja ja – Meine Mutter sagt meine Vater, Woher ist unser kind? Sehe ihm ich nicht. “Mutter, Mutter, Ich bin hier, in vor dir! Morgan, abend, nacht, alle tag Ich habe viele arbiet! Morgan zu Schule, mittag muzik, abend spiele und Garten, Nacht schlafen.” Ach, so!! Was macht Maama und Pappa?, fragt Mutter. “Wie, woher, wenn, was” … Continue reading German-Lernen-1


….when the thoughts meet the end of roads To all those who have committed suicide and those who would ever think of suicide – You might never get back what you have lost but there’s more to life, give life a chance, walk the rope for once, there’s something for you, definitely something! You would wonder what makes me write about suicide, the good, the bad about it. Well, there’s neither. I said, “he’s stupid..didn’t he know we are there for him? so what she ditched? there’s more to life…he’s an a**h**e.. God knows what he went through..” No law … Continue reading Suicide!

The World is Mine. A lovely poem by Joy Lovelet Crawford.

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A beautiful poem i came across today morning: — The World is Mine ——————– Today, upon a bus, I saw a very beautiful woman, And wished I were as beautiful. When suddenly she rose to leave, I saw her hobble down the aisle. She had one leg and wore a crutch. But as she passed, she passed a smile. Oh, God, forgive me when I whine. I have two legs; the world is mine. I stopped to buy some candy, The lad who sold it had… Continue reading The World is Mine. A lovely poem by Joy Lovelet Crawford.


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I That spine Is not a swine Treat it fine And it’ll do you fine II Sitting and bending Lying, twisting and not exercising Being in one sitting Feeling it hurting without caring III  Just know one thing It does no flings Once it is hurt beyond repairs Its breakage is your breakage, yes, you have that share Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2014 (Today is world spine day, treat your spine with care, it holds your body, be safe) Continue reading SPANK NOT THAT SPINE

Thank you my Driver!

My vehicle of wisdom and experiences tread on the path of blogging, a path filled with freedom of expression and hope to address voice of every human. In such a journey where you expect very little, appreciation in any form becomes the driving force to share more, to pen more. Colleen Chesebro drives me to express and share in abundance with showers of her immense Virtual Love. Thank you Colleen for being my Driver. I am glad for everyone who pauses to read NeoTajarba. It gives me the zeal and zest to stay connected. I am novice to this world … Continue reading Thank you my Driver!


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I When you see the fever And you see the shiver And you see some blood Coupled with some blisters Or even one of these, let emotions fly II The victim can be your mother Your child or your lover They’ve actually done nothing But monsters  may live in them Monsters who seek your head III Even if it is you, run to the nearest hospital Or call a good healthcare And stay away Don’t be swept by dismay And wear a rubber protective set IV No handshaking No kissing No hugging Avoid walking… Continue reading SWERVING EBOLA ( EBOLA PREVENTION)

Birthday; Isn’t just another day!

Like an engineer, here I postulate, Why my Birthday is Special? I breathe! My primary reason to celebrate every day. It is on this day, I first took breath, until now I do. Celebration! My Mom carried me for months, to celebrate my life. When this day arrived, she said, ‘the world is yours’ Thanksgiving! Trees, cats, dogs, pigs, people. Everyone who inspires, motivates, adores, smiles. Time to thank everyone for whatever way they’ve touched my life. Demanding! It’s My day and I can be demanding with my family and friends. Love, love and lots of love! Everyone from friends … Continue reading Birthday; Isn’t just another day!