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Organ Donation – Life & Reality

I had no idea what am I up for this morning until I met this God disguised as human. I cannot run, so I decided I will not stop and do something else, then thought of Walkathon and today I did it, happy and proud that it started with a good cause – Spreading Awareness on Organ Donation but what fills my heart with respect is the lifetime decision by Mr. Manpreet Singh Sahani and his family.


Mr. Manpreetsingh Sahani and me!

On November 4th, Manpreet ji’s brother Mr. Jasbir Singh Sahani was hospitalized at Fortis Hospital, Mulund, having a brain hemorrhage. The family was devastated with the least hope the doctors could give of his survival. On 8th November, when the doctors called Manpreet Sir to inform him that his brother shall be alive for a couple of hours, he asked the doctors a question –

Can I donate my brother’s organs?

The doctors were taken aback for the man who’s brother is breathing his last, this man here is talking about saving others’ lives. He went home to ask his Bhabhi  (wife of Mr. Jasbir Singh Sahani) and their children if they agree to donate, astoundingly, they were happy that Mr. Jasbirsingh would live a long life in others’ body. Hence, as a procedure the counselling doctors do was not needed in this case.

On 9th November at 3:30 p.m., APNEA / similar test that determines the “brain death in 7 different ways, was performed. Since as expected there was no response from Mr. Jasbirsingh, the test was repeated at 9:30 p.m. in the presence of ZTCC – Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre and later the consent from the Sahani family was signed.

A man from Badlapur had been waiting for Liver transplant for about a month,  fortunately, was at Fortis at the same time and the liver was transplanted to him. As per the norms of ZTCC, the hospital treating the patient for Organ Donation is allowed to have only one organ for transplant and the remaining organs are donated to different hospitals depending upon the need as per the list with ZTCC and the match with the recipient.

Until the organs are not removed, the donor is kept on ventilator so that the heart functions though the brain is dead because many organs can be donated only if the heart is alive. Once the heart stops, many organs die. Of the very organs that are donate-able, the cornea can be donated until 7 days after actual death, Manpreet uncle said.

A little later Manpreet uncle was told that the Cornea were donated to another needy at another hospital.

Today, while walking together with this great man, who has become the God of 2 families by donating his brother’s organs, I feel very proud and am filled with immense respect for Sahani family for the wise decision taken at the emotionally broken moment of losing their family member, they have saved lives, given lives and happiness to the unknown and countless.

Mr. Manpreetsingh Sahani says, ” though my brother is not alive as a person, he is alive in different people and families, he is not dead for us”

Donate organs, save lives, spread happiness. Your one decision can bless people a very long life to cherish their dreams. Gift life, after life! Jeevan daan karo, organs donate karo!

Brain Death – Complete brain stops working but heart and other organs can be kept alive by keeping the patient on ventilator because of which the heart is functional

Actual Death – Heart stops pumping

I am a proud Organ Donor –

Donate organs, save lives, spread happiness. Your one decision can bless people a very long life to cherish their dreams. Gift life, after life! Jeevan daan karo, organs donate karo!


Read about the transplant on –



Hallo Freunde 🙂

Ich freu mich dass ich bin schriebe in Deutsch für mir und dich.

Heute ich bin glücklich.

Ich: Wie geht es Ihnen? Sie sehen nicht in der Garten letzte Woche.

Du: Sie? Rufe mir “du“, Sie nicht!

Ich: Aber du bist zwei jahre alt dann mir.

Du: Kein Problem. Du bist mein Freund. Du kannst rufe ‘Sie‘ diene Eltern, ‘Ihr‘ für diene Freunde welsche hier nicht, ‘er‘ für Mann, ‘sie‘ für Frau und ‘es‘ für sache.

Ich: Das ist schön. Kanst du sagst mir wie kann ich lerne Deutsch? Ich vergesse die Worte.

Du: Ach so! Weißt du die Artikele und Prepositionen?

Ich: Nein aber ich weiß Konjugieren.

Du: Genau! Super! Ich will trimme du. Für alle Mann Artikel ist ‘der’, für alle Frau Aritkel ist ‘die’, für alle neutral ist ‘das’. Es halten hier nicht.

Ich: Ach so! Ich muss sehe wenn es ist Mann oder Frau.

Du: Warnung! Jemand können kaput du!




Ich heiße Naveen Hinduja.

Ich liebe Deutsch lernen. Dies ist meine Einer blog. Mein Lehrerin Frau Khurrana und Frau Sheikh sind sehr gut.

A: Wer schribst dies blog und wie?

I: Ich schribe der blog für du, dier lernen.

A: Du schribst Poem?

I: Ja ja –

Meine Mutter sagt meine Vater,

Woher ist unser kind? Sehe ihm ich nicht.

“Mutter, Mutter, Ich bin hier, in vor dir!

Morgan, abend, nacht, alle tag

Ich habe viele arbiet!

Morgan zu Schule, mittag muzik, abend spiele und Garten,

Nacht schlafen.”

Ach, so!! Was macht Maama und Pappa?, fragt Mutter.

“Wie, woher, wenn, was” fragt Mamma zu Pappa

Pappa – “Ich liebe dich, Schatz” zu Maama

und ich komme in der Platz!!! ha ha ha….




….when the thoughts meet the end of roads

To all those who have committed suicide and those who would ever think of suicide –

You might never get back what you have lost but there’s more to life, give life a chance, walk the rope for once, there’s something for you, definitely something!

You would wonder what makes me write about suicide, the good, the bad about it.

Well, there’s neither.

I said, “he’s stupid..didn’t he know we are there for him? so what she ditched? there’s more to life…he’s an a**h**e.. God knows what he went through..

No law gives one the right to kill himself but the problem is no law understands that no people let others the right to live with dignity. Why shouldn’t one die if he finds ending his life the best way to prove himself?

Love? Money? Family? Loneliness? Ranking?


Lets put it this way, I am in a beautiful relationship with someone and for some reason my partner doesn’t feel the spunk between us and everything goes haywire. I repetitively try to make my love understand the love I have, but all in vain. What if I run miles together to keep up every promise or quit everything else and bend on my knees or walk on the fire? After trying every means to tell my love that there’s nothing in life other than  the togetherness, I am left with only one option to prove every word I meant, Suicide!

That is not easy. I have to kill all the relationships I am in with family, friends, colleagues, everyone. I have to ensure that the message of my death reaches my love. That ending my life will prove that “nothing meant life than you. You mean the whole world to me. Right from the moment I open my eyes in the morning, till the time I go to bed, I think about you, I see you in my dreams, I work; sing; play; only to become better to suit you. You complete my world. I just can’t live without you. I love you… I love you more than myself”

And now that you don’t feel my love for you, my absence will.

Money –

It’s a crap trap. You can come out of any debt or surrender yourself to the will of law. Suicide is not the option.

Family – 

Family can be against you for several things but not to the point of taking your life. And if they are behind your life, just walk away, walk out. Family, not always is the blood, you can make one at any point in life.

Or is it the loss of someone in family? Look beyond, there’s life.

Loneliness –

Tired of being good to everyone, yet no company to walk with. No hand to hold mine. The world doesn’t care a damn about me, why should I? This lonely life will remain lonely until I live. Let everyone whom I adored know that I adore you but you have no place for me in your life. Goodbye!!!

I have seen my buddy go through this, he proved his point but didn’t let any of us prove that in being away is also untold care.

Ranking –

Horrifying! Students are made to believe life depends on the petty marks they score. If not the marks, it is the mockery by the peer that forces the children to succumb to flamboyant flare of life.

Shocking is the fact that people from various walks of life, of all ages, consider ending oneself is the only solution to forgo disappointment, mockery and loss of reputation.

I want every child, every adult to understand that anything you consider failure is not a failure until you give upon yourself. Ill-health, bad grades, loss of reputation, inability, everything, everything are a part of life, going through these should only make you better. All you have to do is, walk to the other end, there’s life.

To all those who have an opinion on Suicide, 

I neither appreciate it nor condemn it. The pain the person goes through, that blocks the possibility of betterment is more painful than the death itself. It becomes easy to bear the few minutes or seconds of pain while losing life than accepting the pain for life or to look for alternatives to lead a better life. Don’t pity nor swear, just understand.

Many times it is not in advising or being opinionated that soothes, you just have to be at the receiving end of one’s grief. Your mere presence can affiliate one from pain. Just understand. Be that ear, that heart, that one person needs. Your friend might call you at an unwelcoming hour, just listen instead of shooing him away, taking his call for a routine.

To the family & friends of those who have parted –

Enough of blaming yourself, just let go! For the good you could not do, you can by being good to the ones you have in your life and around you!

Just breathe!!!

The World is Mine. A lovely poem by Joy Lovelet Crawford.

I have so much still I whine!!

A Small Act Of Kindness Can Bring Smile On Million Faces

A beautiful poem i came across today morning:

The World is Mine

Today, upon a bus, I saw a very beautiful woman,
And wished I were as beautiful.
When suddenly she rose to leave,
I saw her hobble down the aisle.
She had one leg and wore a crutch.
But as she passed, she passed a smile.
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine.
I have two legs; the world is mine.

I stopped to buy some candy,
The lad who sold it had such charm,
I talked with him, he seemed so glad,
If I were late, it’d do no harm.
And as I left, he said to me,
“I thank you, you’ve been so kind.
It’s nice to talk with folks like you.
You see,” he said, “I’m blind.”
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine.
I have two eyes; the world is mine.

Later while…

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Thank you my Driver!

Appreciation is the strongest Motivation!
Appreciation is the strongest Motivation!

My vehicle of wisdom and experiences tread on the path of blogging, a path filled with freedom of expression and hope to address voice of every human.
In such a journey where you expect very little, appreciation in any form becomes the driving force to share more, to pen more.

Colleen Chesebro drives me to express and share in abundance with showers of her immense Virtual Love. Thank you Colleen for being my Driver.
I am glad for everyone who pauses to read NeoTajarba. It gives me the zeal and zest to stay connected.

I am novice to this world and know very little people whose blogs I never miss to read.

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Appreciation is the strongest Motivation!
Appreciation is the strongest Motivation!

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I hope you find this to be a platform to know your fellow inherent bloggers and experience a rich reading variety on the platter.

All the nominated Bloggers just write about yourself, your blogs and participate in the sweetness of appreciation. It’s fun!


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