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Joy of 16000ft is Forever – Goecha La on a Canvas

You would agree when I tell you that Happiness is the best gift you can give someone, and how better does it get if you hand paint the most joyous moment of life! For a trekker, the most joyous moment is the sight of your tents while descending from a summit, this mixture of accomplishment, of safety, of belonging, of freedom and of peace, was captured by my friend Suresh while descending from Goecha La while I waited in the tent for my trek mates.

Moment of Joy in the eyes of Suresh while descending from Goecha La summit
Joy of 16000ft is forever – Goecha La on Canvas Hand-painted by Pallavi

It’s wonderful when you hand paint it yourself but you’re blessed when your friend recreates that moment like a magic, yes, my friend Pallavi, with her magical hands, artistic mind, empathetic heart, painted our memories on a canvas, garnished them with ceramic and gave them a life for a lifetime! Just by hearing the bits of our trek story and looking at the picture, Pallavi created this Masterpiece, like she was there at 16000ft, looking at us to retell this story in a painting! Though I didn’t summit that day, holding this painting in my hand made me feel, I’ve done it, I’m at the top of Goecha La!
If a painting can speak, this painting echoes the joy of mountains!
I always wondered if anyone can recreate the moment in the way I feel it, it’s a dream come true, it’s because of you, Pallavi! Words are less to thank Pallavi, Pallavi’s painting frame maker, Ajay, Atul, my Delisha, my Mom, Anuja, Anuja’s parents, my family, my Goecha La trek mates, Taai, Saranbir, Suresh, my cab drivers, boarding pass provider, packaging person, security personnel and my brain & heart to make this possible! This one is in the core of my heart! Thank you Pallavi, keep creating and spreading magic!