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Nobody’s Beautiful Than YOU

Goin’ to a party
To cherish my time,
In the land of unknowns
I move my spine,
Everyone’s happy
In the spirit so high,
I see here, I see there,
So many
Stealing my stare,
Lookin’ at so many
My heart sings for you – ‘Nobody’s Beautiful than YOU’
Oh yeah…Nobody..No..No..Nobody’s Beautiful than YOU!

It’s yo body,
It’s yo style,
It’s yo heart
That’s just mine.
You’re with me
Or when you’re away,
My heart sings for you – ‘Oh Babie, Nobody’s Beautiful than YOU’

In my dreams,
And on my bed,
In my sweet-nothings
And my sweat,
In my thoughts
And my dare,
Nooooooooobody is Beautiful than YOU
Oh my love –
Nooooooooobody is Beautiful than YOUUUUUU!

तुझे तेरी दुनिया मुबारक

खुश होना चाहिए मुझे

आज वो ख़ुशी का दिन है
जिसका मुझे सदियों से इंतज़ार था |
पर मेरी खुशियां कुछ उलझ सी गयी हैं ||

जानता हूँ मेरी खुशियां मेरी रूह में हैं |
फिर भी रहता इंतज़ार उनकी एक झलक का,
एक मुलाकात नहीं..
एक पैगाम ही सही ||

अब दोष दूँ उन्हें कैसे..
जिन्हे हमसे मोहब्बत तो है
पर आशिकी नहीं |
दीवाना मैं उनका
उन्हें शायद मेरी याद भी नहीं आती ||

इक सुलझा मुकाम इस दिल में है |
उनकी उँगलियों मैं ज़िन्दगी उलझत्ति गयी..
सम्भालना चाहा
तो कच्चे धागे की तरह काट दिया |
अब सुलझे वो, दर्द मुझे खा गया ||

काश मैं ज़िन्दगी से कह पाता –
तू जुडी सब के साथ है,
तेरे बिना मैं नहीं..
मेरे बिना तेरा वजूद नहीं ||
तू गम दे, बक्श खुशियाँ,
जो तू मेरे साथ नहीं –
मेरी सांसें नहीं ||
मर मिटटून भी मैं कैसे ?
मेरे बिछड़ने का तुझे ग़म नहीं |
जीयूं भी मैं कैसे ?
न मेरे जीने की ख़ुशी तुझे,
न मेरे साथ की ज़रुरत तुझे |
तू जी रही अपने स्वार्थ से –

तुझे तेरी दुनिया मुबारक ||

With you, I feel greatest joy :-)

Have you told this to anyone lately? Does someone make you feel WOW about you, being you?

Walking in the showers of rain, with tangy orange ice-candy slipping down your tongue, singing songs to yourself, suddenly your phone rings but you can’t answer, and you smile knowing who just called.

You wear your best dress, you play the best music, you succeed in all your jobs, everyone compliments you for being the best way you are, nothing matters, but when someone says, ‘you were good… ‘ and it makes your day.

It’s summer and your skin pops acne one after the other. You experiment with every face pack in the market, in vain. You burst the acne and they leave pores deep as pits,  in return. Huh.. Nothing works. Someone tells you, ‘the pits remind me of ricecake and I enjoy eating them.. ‘ You feel you are the most beautiful.

You are having a bad day at work. You forget your cuppa coffee, leave alone lunch. Your phone beeps, ‘had lunch? ‘

You hangout with your friends, dine with your family, and when you hit the bed, you re-live the moments shared with that one person who makes you smile.

Of all the red and blue events on your calendar, it’s that one meeting that’s green, makes you feel green, green and greener.

You’re in love!

That’s when you feel ‘the greatest joy of belonging to that special someone’

PS: singles, can feel the same looking at the mirror, belonging to that someone special happens when you belong to yourself!

Kuu Chik Chik

Dal, rice and bhindi (lady’s finger) fry, mixed together in  bowl of stainless steel fills the little tummy of my cute nephew aged a year and a half. He promoted me to the title of uncle, when I am just 13 years old. I play with him, cuddle him, trouble him and when he cries, I take him out on the road that converged three lanes from three directions, having a railway track on the fourth, we gaze at the trains churning their wheels, bid bye to the strangers, look at each other and laugh! I say “Kuu chik chik”, he reads my lips, imitates “kuu thik thik thik thik”
Oh! the best uncle and nephew couple we are.

As we grew, his cuteness lined spunk and charm while I bloated fatter and fatter. The little boy was taught to follow the footprints of his uncle – me. His parents, my maternal cousin brother and his wife, forced their expectations on their child in a disguise of inspirational figure they figured in me. My fighter would never give up. Scores in exams to scores in cricket, he ranked 1, even in the fun and gala. Dialogues from the movies starring Salman Khan were uttered by him with a tinge of acting.

Excitement, joy, liveliness were the traits of this little boy, who lost his father at the age of 10, lying besides him on the bed was his mother, both seeing his father die. In the body of a boy, my nephew was now a man. Taking good care of his mother, completing his home work from school by himself, attending guests, playing cricket, checking the doors locked before leaving his home, before hitting the bed. His father’s death exploded the love he had for him, as he did every deed his father had done.

I spell no courage to meet my nephew soon after his father’s death. I did meet him, to take him in my arms, to wipe his tears, to assure him of not letting him miss his father. A few months later was his 12th birthday. My Mom and I celebrated his birthday with a few other relatives in view of not letting him miss his father. Instead he felt his father’s absence as he had never celebrated his birthday before.

A few months later, life was normal until the night when my Mom and I were unpacking kulfis and my brother scurried inside the house announcing in awe that, “my nephew has fallen off a train and his chances of survival are lean“. He had fallen off a train, dwindling between life and death, blood gushing out of his head and hand, he was unconscious, not completely, he uttered, screamed words of help, crying in pain, hoping for someone to dress his wounds, someone to bring him close to life. The doctors did nothing to save him except for the suggestions of transferring the dying little boy from one hospital to the other, waiting for the police to register the case.  My fighter gave up!

I cried, I wept, I sobbed. I cried and cursed the fate, the destiny. I continued crying, fell ill. I lost my nephew and myself in that accident. I didn’t know that “:the train that I am showing him everyday to see a smile on his face, will be the train that will take him away from me“. The scars of the wound are in my heart. The wound penetrating deep inside. Everything around me was normal but inside, even at this moment, I feel the pain. He had done no wrong. He was a young little boy, caring for his widow mother. He brought smiles to the face of everyone around. He danced to the peppy numbers, he prayed to the Gods of all religions. He celebrated Ganpati festival in zeal, shared chocolates with his peers, forced his aunts and uncles to eat with him, respected his teachers, he was exemplary. I remember every moment of the time we spent together, every tear, every smile, every word, especially the four words he mumbled when he was learning to talk, I remember the gleam in his eyes when he looked at me, the grandeur in his joy of buying me the best food when I went to visit him, I remember everything. But I won’t shed tears, not for the brave young boy. Yet, I don’t search for him in any other child. I live and I live happily, for He once said, (when his father died)

Chachu, now that pappa is no more, I am your brother. I am always there with you 🙂
Yes, He is with me, in my heart. I feel no sorrow when His thoughts strike my mind. It is He who taught me to move on from grief, if not for His own-self, but for the sake of others who love us.
(I had decided that I shall never teach any child Kuu chik chik……….. but then I shall not stop teaching the same to every child, to see them smiling)