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Where is your Erection?

A denim blue jeans, white polo tee, a pair of brown shoes, make my attire on this sunny Friday morning when I see my colleague dressed in a similar fashion except for that her’s is jeans merely reaching her thigh (known as ‘bum cut’ I suppose). Adding on to her clothes, she being ‘she‘, looks Gorgeous!
Ah.. is that a derisive comment? No.. she blushes when I greet her, “Hey Gorgeous!” Well that’s how we talk to each other, friendly. But to what extent does a word, a gesture or a touch can be friendly or complimenting?

The impact that a word, a gesture or a touch has, sets the bars of humanness, acceptance and comfort. Any degree beyond is inhuman, disrespecting and harmful.

Had it been her boss with whom she is not comfortable in a rapport more than professional, she would not accept being called “Gorgeous”, so what even if they interact with each other everyday! If she is uncomfortable and finds it offensive from a man she knows, undoubtedly it is harmful and disrespecting by a roadside-romeo.
So who gives these roadside-romeos, the care-takers, the fathers, the self-claimed gods, the bosses, every male who has attained puberty, the right to abuse, molest, rape or murder? Is it the flesh that attracts or is it the lack of availability of sex that forces to rip off one’s right to choose the partner for consensual sex?
Where is the humanity, one that is believed to differentiate humans from other creatures? The primary difference is in the respect and mutual consent humans are attributed with. No gender, law or superiority provides the right to use a person as a property to be used at will.
Sadly, very few voices of women, rarely any voice of men and children are heard. And the reasons behind the abduction of their voices are the society and the government. The role of fellow people is to protect and help when one is in trauma but, it is the other way round. The survivor is looked down upon and the one who commits the crime breathes free.
If the education can’t, awareness can’t, up-bringing can’t stop the monsters then only fear FEAR can. The punishment for such inhuman acts should inculcate fear in everyone. Though this won’t curb molests but definitely the rate would go down. Other than a 5 year term or a life term for adults and rehab for juveniles (with the capability to rape), the INDIAN GOVERNMENT has nothing to stop the crime.
Abuse, molest and rape, no categorization should seep in and the only punishment should be pain. The abuser must be awarded death slowly by pushing him towards exponential pain with methods like castration, stone-pelting, burying alive, setting on fire.
My dear most high profile, low thinking Babus, if the clothes meant an invitation to rape, you should roam naked. Nothing can provoke a person to rape, because like I have read it somewhere-

:Erection is in the mind; not down there: