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My Sister is getting married!!!

It is insane to feel to stop your sister from getting married just because she will stay away from you. She has always been the younger one, who receives and deserves more love than I. She is the older one to scold me when I am wrong.
Lots of preparations for your wedding to do, shopping trousseau, jewelry, gifts, best make-up, a grandeur for “the day” of your life.

Hey little girl, thinking of your marriage, the day we met, the gobi fried rice we shared, the diary milk you always brought for me, our gossips about the hostel food, the mess up with the wardens, the lies we spoke to several people, the fight with the evil, the fun on stage midst the tension in the air, our arguments,the names we gave each other.. huhhhh I want them all. I want it all to be an unending story.

“The day” is arriving. You are getting married. I am still in an unbalanced state of shock and happiness. Happy for the luckiest boy whose life you will embark. But, mind you, this very day does not give anybody the license to hurt you, harm you or disrespect you. You are independent, you will always be. You will live in a home of happiness and togetherness. You don’t need to look back at us for anything, we are always with you, at every point in life.

You are a sweetheart, your sweetness grows with you.
You are an angel, laughter begins with you.
You are an over-thinker, solutions are inherent in you.
You are the nature, beauty and changes begin with you.
You are a Goddess, life begins with you.

The more I think about you, my possessiveness grows. You are an adorable idiot.
Go get married. Be yourself. Nothing can be as beautiful as you. You are irreplaceable.